Flesh trade behind 9 missing girls from Sanskar Ashram shelter: DCW chief Swati Maliwal

DELHI: Two days after nine girls went missing from the Sanskar Ashram shelter in Dilshad Garden area of the Capital, Delhi Commission for Women chief Swati Maliwal on Tuesday demanded action on brothels operating on GB Road.

Maliwal described the conditions at the shelter “dismal and suffocating” as she appealed to the Lieutenant Governor for immediate action. She said the girls were trafficked and will likely be pushed into flesh trade.

“Our team was deeply disturbed to find that the girls were not given proper and adequate food and clothing. Further, the girls complained of not being shown to doctors and it was observed that their regular medical check-up was not done. The attitude of the staff was laid back and insensitive which resulted in untold misery for the girls,” Maliwal said in a release.

She accused the local police of conniving with anti-social elements to help prostitution thrive on GB Road.

“Brothels at GB Road are hubs of trafficking and each girl there is raped by 30 men daily. There is a police station at 200 metres away. But it remains a mute spectator,” she said.