First collective prayers held across Turkmenistan

ASHGABAT: The sacred for all Muslims month of Oraza has begun in Turkmenistan. The first collective prayer – terawih – was performed in all mosques of the country last night, with the intention of keeping a 30-day fast, Turkmenportal was told in the Muftiate of Turkmenistan.
Terawih prayer will be held every evening until May 11. Terawih is a desirable namaz (namaz-sunna), which begins on the first night of the holy month and ends on the last night of the fast of Oraz. This year they will be held in compliance with the requirements of sanitary safety: wear a mask, do not break the distance. The Muftiat of Turkmenistan approved the calendar of “suhurs” and “iftars” (morning and evening meals) in the post of Oraz in 2021 for all five velayats of Turkmenistan and the city of Ashgabat. – Agencies