Feul shortage dilemma


After the announcement of further reduction in the prices of petrol, the cartel of oil marketing companies has squeezed the supply to petrol pumps, which has jacked up its price to Rs.150 per liter. The cartel has turned a deaf ear to the OGRA notice for restoring full supply of product to petrol pumps. It reminds the words of the Prime Minister how the well-entrenched mafias pose challenges to the government. It is worth appreciation that federal government has quickly responded to conduct a probe in fuel shortages and find out its causes. An inquiry committee has been constituted comprising representatives from the Federal Investigation Agency,( FIA), Pakistan State Oil and local administration. The inquiry Committee will be headed by DG FIA and will conduct probe into alleged hoarding and black marketing of petroleum products. Meanwhile Advisory Council of oil marketing companies said in a stamen that current stock of petrol is being regularly replenished by supply from local oil refineries and imported quantities of petroleum products. Let us hope that probe into matter shall be completed soon and the report shall be made public, followed by appropriate actions. However, the fuel shortages once again serve the lesson for oil exploration and production from the proven and operational oil reserves.