Fear of Nawaz led to opponents' political alliances: Maryam

LAHORE: PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz said that the fear of Nawaz Sharif has led his political opponents to form political alliances.

She added that the politics of the country revolves around the PML-N president and his opponents have become restless as they do not have any substantial issue to address in their rallies and meetings.

Maryam was addressing a gathering of PML-N workers in the provincial capital.

Criticising Pakistan Tehreek-E-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan, she said he has been crying foul for four years and the PTI leader has repeatedly changed his stance in the disqualification case he was facing.

“He repeatedly changed his stance in court but was not disqualified.”

Elaborating on Imran’s case further, the daughter of the former premier stated that even after Imran accepted his assets and offshore company, the court did not.

She added that perhaps the “courts know matters related to Imran better than him”.

Referring to the ongoing accountability hearing in the NAB references filed against her family, Maryam said the accountability watchdog will not find anything against the Sharif family.

“They dragged Nawaz Sharif to court four times yet did not find any corruption against him.”

She also said that she “laughs at witnesses who come forward to testify against Nawaz Sharif”.

Maryam claimed that the witnesses do not know the reason they have come to testify for and added that she herself has seen on “four occasions that witnesses have said that they were given the papers”.

During her address to the party workers, she said the PML-N will again win the elections in 2018 and return to power.

While leaving the workers’ gathering, Maryam denied reports that any National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) was being sought and added the political opponents of PML-N need to be asked about who is providing the NRO.

“Regarding meetings in Saudi Arabia, Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz Sharif have gone for Umrah and will also conduct meetings while in the kingdom.”

“It is very clear that foreign powers interact with political parties which have won elections and cultivate relations with them, not with those who have lost,” said Maryam while elaborating on the Saudi visit.

The PML-N leader also said the All Parties Conference being held under the chairmanship of Tahirul Qadri will fail as it “has failed before”.

Earlier, Maryam has said that the decision in the disqualification reference against Imran Khan proved that iqama was only an excuse and the actual target was Nawaz.

She had further said that the decision in the Imran Khan case left no margin of doubt that the only target of any conspiracy, sit-in, accountability is Nawaz because he is the representative of the people.

The judgment stated that Imran wasn’t bound to declare his offshore company, declared his London flat in an amnesty scheme and that his former wife Jemima gave Imran the funds for buying the Bani Gala estate.