FCCI President expresses concern over Murree tragedy


FAISALABAD:  Mr. Atif Munir Sheikh, President Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FCCI) stressed for introducing & implementing the hard and fast rules in each and every corner to save people’s previous lives. He further expressed grave concern over the loss of precious lives in Murree blizzard and demanded enhanced, efficient and foolproof measures for the safety and security of the tourists to avoid recurrences of such tragic incidents in future. He said that Pakistan is being promoted as the best tourist destination while local communities are also encouraged to visit and explore the scenic beauties of its snow-capped hilly terrains. He further said that snow falling is an unusual event particularly for the people belonging to the plains of Punjab and deserts of Sindh. According to the forecast of the meteorological department, most of the families decided to enjoy the unique natural phenomenon of snowfall but they were unaware of the hazard of the snow storm which was coupled with limited shelter and residential facilities. He paid best tribute to the Pak Army who responded quickly and saved stuck up families in an organized and planned manner. They also cleared all main road arteries within the shortest possible time. He said that the Punjab Government has also decided to declare Murree as a full-fledged district which will help in instant decision making and avoid delay in the rescue operation in case of such natural calamities. Expressing sympathies with the bereaved families, he hoped that in future the Government will strictly control the number of tourist vehicles entering into this lucrative hill station by taking all necessary precautionary safety and security measures. He said that it is also the duty of every sane person to remain in touch with the Meteorological department and ascertain the gravity of snow falling for the sake of his own life and of his family members.
In civilized societies, very rarely we observe such incidents because they care for the humanitarian interests.