FBR introduces App for currency declaration

By Ali Imran

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Thursday introduced an online currency declaration application for the international travellers.
According to the FBR sources, the international travellers will be able to declare currency through the Pass Track appli-cation.
FBR Member Customs Mukarram Jah Ansari said that people were not aware of taking foreign currency out of the country. “The currency declaration is required to take money out of the country. A digital application has been developed for the currency declaration,” he added.

“During the last one year, $45 million of foreign currency was seized. If a person is carrying even a small amount of money, he has to submit the currency declaration,” he stated.

“The FBR allows people above 18 years of age to take $5,000 with them when going abroad,” he said.

“People above 18 years of age can take $30,000 in one year while those below 18 years of age can carry $2,500 on a trip abroad,” he added.

“Individuals below 18 years of age can carry $15,000 in a year. People going to Afghanistan can carry $1,000 on a single trip and $6,000 in a year,” he stated.

“Those coming to the country with $10,000 are also required to make the currency declaration,” he declared.