Fawad says should India 'raise a finger, we will break their hand'

LAHORE: Science and Technology Minister Fawad Chaudhry said Pakistan would break India’s hand “if they raised a finger on us” and “if they showed a fist, we will break their jaw”.

Addressing a press conference here in the provincial capital after a visit to the Child Protection & Welfare Bureau (CP&WB), Chaudhry noted that two nuclear powers — India and Pakistan — were determinedly facing off each other at present and that the world needed to resolve the Kashmir issue right away.

“Wars are not a choice; if a war is imposed on us, we will fight,” the minister stressed. “If they raise a finger on us, we’ll break their hand, if they show a fist, we will break their jaw.

“If India wants peace, we’re standing [ready] for peace but if they want a war, we’re standing [prepared] for a war. Our Army … and everyone, including children … are ready to fight,” he added.

With regard to Muslim countries that had to date failed to raise their voice for the plight of the oppressed Kashmiri people, Chaudhry said: “What can we say?”

“If any Muslim nation cannot feel the pain of Kashmiris, what can we say? What’s the use of a leadership that cannot stand strong with their Kashmiris brethren?”