Fans unhappy with Sinf-e-Aahan’s stretched storyline

By Abid Usman

Sinf E Aahan is an army based Pakistani drama by Six Sigma productions which airs on Ary Digital. The drama has a stellar cast which features the life journey of female PMA cadets. Fans have been enjoying the journey of all the cadets throughout. The drama has aired 20 episodes so far. Public loved the portrayal of women in the drama.
Lately, fans are unhappy on the unnecessarily stretched story of the drama. They are saying that the drama has been dragged for no reason. The fans said that they started the show with enthusiasm and pace but each passing day it’s becoming boring. Almost everyone wrote that the story has now stuck in the middle and it is going nowhere.
The fans said that the show needs to end, one fan said, “Starting episodes were nice but after a while it got boring, same story, we know Army is great etc but individual girls’ stories aren’t impressive because of solely Army’s preach & their weak storyline.”