Fake accounts case: Court to indict former president, Faryal on 4th Oct

ISLAMABAD: An accountability court announced it will indict former president Asif Ali Zardari and his sister Faryal Talpur in the fake bank accounts case on October 4.

Accountably Judge Mohammad Bashir was presiding over today’s hearing.

During the hearing, Zardari’s counsel Latif Khosa told the court that despite the court’s orders, no air conditioner or fridge has been installed in his client’s cell.

“The court had given the order to give for my client in jail, instead they gave bags containing ice,” Khosa told the court.

Farooq H Naek further told the court that his clients have not received copies of the reference against them.

To this, the judge asked Zardari, when he came at the rostrum, whether he was given the copies of the reference against him or not.

“We have just come in. We haven’t seen the copies yet,” Zardari had responded.

Khosa added, that another one of their’s would be presented before the same judge later.

To this, the judge said they should have the meeting in the next room as this one was getting crowded.

The court then said the accused will be indicted at the next hearing (October 4)and that they be copies of the references.