Faisal Edhi tests positive for Coronavirus

From Zeeshan Mirza

KARACHI: The head of one of Pakistan’s largest charity groups, the Edhi Foundation, has tested positive for coronavirus, media reported on Tuesday. According to media, Edhi is in Islamabad at the moment and had insisted on being tested since he had been on the ground working with patients. His family will also undergo test for the virus as well.
Edhi had traveled to Lahore and then to Islamabad, where he met Prime Minister Imran Khan and donated a Rs10 million check on behalf of his organisation.
Moreover, Edhi’s son, Saad Edhi told media, everyone who had come in contact with him will be tested for the virus. According to his test reports, he had no symptoms of the virus. Last week, Edhi had met Prime Minister Imran Khan and presented Rs10 million cheque to the Prime Minister’s Coronavirus Relief Fund.