Fair & Lovely changes to Glow & Lovely after backlash

By Minahil Makhdoom

The world is moving away from typical beauty standards which only considers ‘white skin tone’ as the most beautiful skin colour.
There was a whole market of whitening products which were doing business on peoples’ insecurities. One of them was ‘Fair and Lovely’ which is a household brand and it has been used by many people to get fairer skin.
After receiving severe backlash, Unilever Pakistan has decided to change its name from ‘Fair and Lovely’ to ‘Glow and Lovely’.
The brand’s communication moved away from benefits of fairness, whitening and skin lightening, towards the glow, even tone, skin clarity and radiance which are holistic measures of healthy skin.
The brand is becoming more inclusive and has featured models in hijab, western outfit, eastern outfit, curly hair, and dark skin tone.
The diversity can be seen as every kind of woman from every walk of life is part of their campaign. The brand is committed to celebrating all skin tones, which will be reflected in the rebranded product’s communications and messaging. The brand goes by the dialogues, “Fair & Lovely ka naya naam hai Glow and Lovely! Ab har chehra karey glow #GlowandLovely #AbHarChehraKareyGlow.” This move by Glow and Lovely has been appreciated by many including actresses Sania Saeed and Nadia Jamil. Both of them have appreciated the brand for becoming more inclusive and bringing diversity.