Experts share epidemic experiences with Malaysia

KUALA: Renowned health experts from China shared their experiences and knowledge on fighting the COVID-19 with their Malaysian counterparts via video-teleconference on Thursday as the two countries step up cooperation in the face of the pandemic.
“I believe this session will facilitate the exchange of experiences and ideas in managing COVID-19 patients,” said Hishamshah Mohamad Ibrahim, deputy director general of Malaysia’s health Ministry at the beginning of the teleconference.
Bai Tian, Chinese ambassador to Malaysia who facilitated the session with the Shanghai municipal government, said China is willing to help Malaysia in the fight against the COVID-19.
“As a friend of Malaysia, China is very much concerned, we understand your circumstances, we feel what you feel, we want to come to your help and assistance,” he said.
Shen Yinzhong and Qiu Zhongmin, two leading experts in dealing with the COVID-19 in Shanghai, shared their experiences on medications, treatments, diagnoses, among others, in the 90-minute session with dozens of doctors and experts from leading Malaysian hospitals and institutions.
Shen and Qiu also answered the questions related to the COVID-19 raised by their Malaysian counterparts.
The Malaysian doctors and medical specialists expressed their appreciation for the assistance from the Chinese side. “Thank you for explaining everything patiently and for your words of encouragement,” said a Malaysia doctor. – Agencies