Experts hail Xi’s G20 speech

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BEIJING: Chinese President Xi Jinping’s keynote speech at the G20 Extraordinary Leaders’ Summit illustrates China’s role as a responsible country, experts have said.
Xi put forth four proposals at Thursday’s summit via video. He called on G20 members to be resolute in fighting an all-out global war against the COVID-19 outbreak, forge a concerted global effort to control and treat the virus, support the leading role of international organizations to tackle the pandemic, and bolster coordination of global macro-economic policy. “Xi’s speech during the summit is a good example of the global power’s responsible behavior,” said Dr. Benyamin Poghosyan, chairman of the Center for Political and Economic Strategic Studies of Armenia. Xi’s emphasis on international solidarity and China’s large-scale assistance to other nations in the fight against COVID-19 “are of utmost importance,” the expert said, expressing appreciation for China’s efforts and sacrifices in battling the epidemic which has bought time for other nations to be better prepared. Xi’s call for all G20 members to restore confidence in the global economy by cutting tariffs, removing barriers and facilitating unfettered flow of trade, shows the world what a truly responsible major country should do under Xi’s leadership, said Constanza Jorquera, a scholar at the School of Politics of at Diego Portales University in Chile.
China’s anti-epidemic measures such as locking down hard-hit cities and imposing large-scale quarantines once drew criticism, but the measures have proven necessary during the crisis, Jorquera said. Xi’s emphasis on China’s efforts to stabilize the global economy, his proposal to enhance macro-economic policy coordination, and his call for G20 members to work collectively, are needed to instigate a global recovery, said Maher Al-Haj, general manager of Al-Atta’a Foundation, affiliated to Dar Al-Watan for Press and Publication. Echoing Xi’s remarks, Fadi Qattar, CEO of Muscat Media Group, said that victory over the global epidemic requires cooperation and support of all countries, leaders and people.