Expert warns Coronavirus infection risks in hotspots

BEIJING: Epidemic prevention measures in high-risk places should be strengthened as China recovers from the novel coronavirus outbreak and life and work pick up speed returning to normal, a Chinese medical expert said Wednesday.
High-risk places include places of high infection risks such as medical institutions treating COVID-19 patients and border facilities, places of public gatherings, enclosed venues and special venues such as elderly-care facilities, said Shi Xiaoming with the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, at a press conference.
To minimize the risks, places offering daily life services should limit the number of visitors to avoid crowds, while theaters and large-scale sports events and expositions should still be put on hold, said Shi.
Quarantine measures at the border should be strengthened, such as arranging special vehicles to transport inbound travelers, Shi noted.
In special venues such as childcare facilities, mental health institutions or prisons, health monitoring on residents such as temperature checks should be stepped up, according to Shi.
These facilities should also avoid unnecessary visitors and better manage the entry and exit of its personnel, Shi said, adding that anti-virus material preparedness and regular disinfecting and ventilation measures are also important. – Agencies