Expert hails govt’s efforts against COVID-19

JOHANNESBURG: While the novel coronavirus infections continue escalating across the globe, China has made strides in drastically reducing infections and almost containing the virus, said a South African expert.
“China right now is easing its restrictions after managing to reduce the infection cases and that’s due to the fact that the government had done well to curb the spread of the disease,” said Jannie Rossouw, head of School of Economic and Business Sciences at the University of the Witwatersrand.
He said the government’s lockdown measures and health decisions which included establishing new hospitals resulted in the combating of infections.
“The Chinese government has been doing good work in curbing the number of infections. It’s clear the measures implemented have worked.
“The measures have shown others how to take control of a health crisis and to ensure all the necessary resources are in place,” he said.
Regarding conspiracy theories going around, Rossouw said instead of spreading unsubstantiated allegations, perhaps an investigation should be instituted into the matter.
“There is no harm in conducting an investigation but multilateral organization like the United Nations would have to take charge of it,” he said. He said it was important that the world should focus on containing the virus instead of focusing on unproven allegations and squabbles. “Rather than focus on theories, it would be useful to focus on important discussions to combat the outbreak. – Agencies