Event held to introduce Pakistani costumes in China


BEIJING: As the China Fashion Week drawing to close, a special fashion show, 70th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Pakistan and China: Introducing Best of Pakistan Fashion Trends, has intrigued Chinese fashion insiders to learn about Pakistani costumes.
“We should value not only our own culture, but also the cultures of others, especially our friends,” Zhang Qinghui, Chairman of China Fashion Association (CFA), said at the event.
To celebrate the 70th anniversary and enhance communication between Pak-China in fashion sector, this show was held by CFA and Pakistani Embassy in China.
As many as 14 Pakistani famous fashion brands, including Maheen Khan, Tabassum Mughal, Umsha, Kalah, Sundus Talpur, Sanabbas, Shamsha, Aleena Fareena, Diners, Sadaf Malaterre, Delphi, Sameer Sain, GOGI, and ZAAVIAY, were invited to participate in online AW 2021 China Fashion Week to introduce Pakistani fashion trends and shows to China.
Pakistani fashion costumes with their strong local style and ornate decorations attract Chinese visitors. According to CFA: “Different from fashion in the usual sense, Pakistani costumes combining contemporary fashion with national traditional characteristics brought a new view and a visual feast to Chinese audiences.
AW 2021 China Fashion Week is a part of cultural exchange between Pakistan and China. Through Pakistani models dressed in elegant and colourful garments, we hope the unique Pakistani fashion can be recognized by more Chinese people, then enhance the Sino-Pak communication in this field.” – Agencies