EU publishes its first annual rule-of-law report


BRUSSELS: The European Union (EU) on Wednesday published its first annual report on the pan-Europe body’s overall situation of rule of law.
The 2020 Rule of Law Report shows that many EU member states have high rule-of-law standards, but important challenges exist in the EU, according to a European Commission press release.
“While we have very high rule of law standards in the EU, we also have various challenges. The European Commission will continue working with the national authorities to find solutions, to guarantee people’s everyday rights and freedoms,” said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.
The report covers four main pillars: national justice systems, anti-corruption frameworks, media pluralism and freedom, and other institutional issues. It is meant to enlarge the existing EU toolbox with a new preventive tool, said the commission. The report also reflects relevant development stemming from the emergency measures to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, revealing some issues that have arisen in the national debates and the legal and political response to the crisis.
“For example, changing or suspending customary national checks and balances can pose particular challenges to the rule of law,” said the commission in the press release.–Agencies