EU firms, Expats to help in Coronavirus fight

LONDON (CD): Overseas Chinese communities and business groups in Europe have joined the fight against the outbreak of the new coronavirus in China. Chinese Students and Scholars Association in the United Kingdom, the largest community for Chinese students and scholars in the country, has opened an online channel on Wednesday to raise funds for medical supplies in Wuhan City, where the outbreak is most severe. “We learned hospitals in Wuhan and other places were extremely short of medical supplies and the situation was very grim,” the statement said. “We decided to launch this donation campaign and it is hoped that all local branches of our association and the Chinese students in Britain will actively participate in donations and work together to overcome difficulties.” Their fundraising goal to purchase 100,000 N95 masks, 10,000 disposable pieces of medical protective clothing, 50,000 disposable medical gloves and other medical supplies in the UK and send them to China. The statement said this fundraising campaign has been reported to and received full support from the education section of the Chinese embassy in the UK. At least two UK-based logistics companies, STO Express and 51Parcel, which specialize in UK-China routes have issued statements that they will mail donated materials to China for free until the epidemic is over. “When our country has difficulties, as a Chinese logistics cross-border company in the UK we will do everything in our power to help the country,” STO Express said. French fashion giant LVMH Moet Hennessy, parent company of luxury brands including Fendi, Celine and Christian Dior, said in its statement on Monday they have donated 16 million yuan (about $2.3 million) to the Chinese Red Cross Foundation to help alleviate the urgent shortage of medical supplies in Wuhan. The statement added the company “is dedicated to acquire and provide critical medical supplies throughout France and Europe. We hope to work together to fight and defeat this new coronavirus.” France was the first European country to report imported cases of the new coronavirus and currently has four confirmed cases in total.– The Daily Mail-China Daily News exchange item