Erasing evil from the bud


The federal government has decided to ban Ansar-ul-Isalm, a baton laden subordinate organisation of Jamiate-ul-Isamam (F). The leadership of the party claims that it is a volunteer force, which is hard to justify if the, drill, march past and salute given to Maulana Fazalu Rehman and subsequent motorbike rally a few days ago in Peshawar by the smart contingents of this wearing yellow uniforms and brandishing sticks is any guide.
The Ministry of Interior has moved a summary to the Law Division for vetting and copy of it is forwarded to the Election Commission.
The people of Pakistan have paid a very high price of the policy of “Masterly Inactivity” pursued by the previous governments viz-a-viz emerging militant organisations and armed wings of political parties.
The genocide, which the armed wings of political parties had done for six years in Karachi before the deployment of Pakistan Rangers, is a very tragic example of the political history of the country.
The carnage of 12th May, 2007 was another human tragedy in which the militant wing of an ethnic political party was involved. The menace of raising private militia type subordinate organisation needs to be nipped in the bud.