Epidemic fight, tourism should progress together

China has once again entered a state of zero new locally transmitted COVID-19 cases in the country. The latest round of outbreak, which originated in Nanjing, East China’s Jiangsu Province, had a significant impact on economic and social activities. It severely curbed the tourism economy during summer vacation and disrupted the travel plans of many families. But we overcame the vigorous attack of the Delta variant, further enriching our capabilities and experience in our dynamic approach of vigorously clearing new COVID-19 cases. The Mid-Autumn Festival holiday and the National Day golden week are approaching. Whether we can resume normal tourist activity during this period is a test for all regions and the country’s epidemic prevention and control system. We feel that, on one hand, we should learn from the lessons of the previous round of outbreak emerged in several places. On the other, we should consider adopting active policies to encourage the full recovery of tourism and related industries. We should release the power and protective effect of China’s dynamic approach of vigorously clearing new COVID-19 cases on economic and social activities, and constantly improve this mechanism, so that it will become a magic weapon with strong vitality and indisputable competitiveness. China’s epidemic prevention and control system has proven its efficacy in protecting the lives and heath of people and its incomparable humanitarian significance. In the past year, it has also proven its special efficiency in promoting economic recovery. Recently, as Europe and the US reopened their economy under the shelter of vaccines, they have resorted to the “herd immunity” ethics regardless of human lives lost and hoped to gain some driving forces for economic recovery. This is a globalized era. Countries choose different prevention and control paths to not only fulfill responsibility for their people, but also compete with each other. The US and the West have lost the first half of the battle and are shirking responsibilities for their failures under the logic that “The law cannot be enforced when everyone is an offender.” Ruthless reality has shaped Western society’s bearing capacity of numerous infections and deaths. Those countries are trying to make economic recovery as primary criteria of a successful epidemic fight. From a long-term perspective, the extent to which economic and social activities resume could become the direction of competition of the global anti-virus fight. As the West lost in the humanitarian race at the very beginning, it has tried to offset the significance of the humanitarian side and even play down the pandemic itself, and focused on the economy. China’s dynamic zero-case approach must withstand the competition in the second half. Even from the economic perspective, we must show our advantage over the path of the US and Europe. China’s vaccination coverage is no less than that in European and American societies.
–The Daily Mail-Global Times News Exchange Item