EOBI initiates registration through online system

Staff Report
ISLAMABAD: Chairman, Employees’ Old Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) Azhar Hameed has stated said that the EOBI would initiate direct registration of employees from January 2020.
He said that EOBI would roll out an online system from next year that would empower the registered employees.
The chairman said this while addressing business community at Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
He said that multiple reforms were being made in EOBI to make it a service-oriented organization and promote transparency in its working that would be visible after few months.
Azhar Hameed said that EOBI would not perturb any business establishment as there was zero-tolerance in this regard, adding that if any firm faced any kind of harassment from EOBI, it should be brought into his notice and assured that immediate action would be taken against the responsible person.
He said that pension funds were managed by the federal governments in the world, but after 18th amendment, EOBI has beendevolved to the provinces due to which many contributions were held up and the organization was facing specific problems. He said that many establishments got registration cards of employees, but were not making contributions and stressed that business community should cooperate with EOBI in resolving such issues.
Speaking at the occasion, President ICCI said that EOBI minimum pension of Rs 6500 was very insufficient in this age of high inflation and urged that minimum monthly pension should be raised to Rs.10000-15000 that would provide some relief to the pensioners.