Envoy slams Britain’s ‘gross interference’ in China’s affairs


LONDON: Chinese Ambassador to Britain Liu Xiaoming on Monday criticized Britain’s “gross interference in China’s internal affairs” after London’s recent citizenship offer to Hong Kong residents.
Liu told a virtual press conference that the British government keeps making irresponsible remarks on Hong Kong affairs and unwarranted accusations against the national security law for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR), and even talks about changing the arrangements for British National (Overseas) passport holders in Hong Kong.
“These moves constitute a gross interference in China’s internal affairs and openly trample on the basic norms governing international relations,” Liu said.
The British side knows well that Hong Kong is no longer under its colonial rule, and that Hong Kong has returned to China and is now part of China, he said, stressing that Britain has no sovereignty, jurisdiction or right of “supervision” over Hong Kong after the handover.
Hong Kong affairs are China’s internal affairs and brook no external interference, Liu said.
One important task of the national security law for Hong Kong SAR is to prevent, suppress and punish collusion with a foreign country or with external elements to endanger national security, according to Liu. – Agencies