Envoy participates in Forum on US, China ties

WASHINGTON: Politicians and scholars called for China and the US to work together on a global public health response rather than decoupling amid the coronavirus pandemic.
During a virtual panel discussion around the theme of “Risks of US-China ‘Decoupling’”, held by the Bloomberg New Economy Forum, Chinese Ambassador to the US Cui Tiankai called for “a serious rethinking of the very foundations” of the bilateral relationship at this critical moment.
“For the last few years, there’s been so much talk about strategic rivalry among the major powers, perhaps between China and the United States about the so- called Thucydides Trap,” he said.
“Look at the situation now. An invisible virus has had such a big impact among all of us; very few people ever anticipated this,” he said.
“So I think we really have to think hard. What are the real threats to the globe? What are the real threats to humanity? And what are the shared vulnerabilities for all of us, including for China and the United States, and where our true common interests lie, and how should we define a relationship on the basis of such perception and recognition?” Cui said.
“So hopefully, this pandemic will really teach all of us a good lesson,” Cui added.
Cui reiterated China’s efforts in keeping transparency in the process of diagnoses, medical treatment and scientific research since the outbreak.
Cui stressed that China always stands for a dialogue, and is supportive and open to all kinds of mechanisms, and almost all the changes were initiated by the US side.
“So we’ve been trying to meet that requirement to adjust,” he said.
“Of course, we need more political dialogue and other things. And for the current priority, a joint effort to combat COVID 19,” he said.
Cui said China is making efforts in facilitating the flow of medical supplies to the US.
So far, China has supplied the United States with more than 1.4 billion face masks,” Cui said, or one mask for every Chinese, about five masks for every Americans.
– The Daily Mail-China Daily News exchange item