Envoy Hashmi hails China’s poverty alleviation model


DM Monitoring

BEIJING: Pakistan is striving to promote national development and socio-economic progress, and China’s poverty alleviation model is worth learning from, Pakistan’s Ambassador to China, Naghmana Hashmi said.
“China’s success tells us that poverty is not predestined and can be eliminated through unremitting efforts. Pakistan has drawn on China’s experience and carried out poverty alleviation projects according to local conditions,” she said in an interview with People’s Daily.
Ambassador Hashmi believed that China’s rapid development and prosperity not only demonstrated the vision of the Chinese leaders, but also tell the teal of Chinese people untiring efforts.
“I am confident that China will continue to move forward on the path of development and prosperity and make new contributions to global economic, ecological and social development,” she added.
Expounding her views on the two sessions of China, solidarity and anti-epidemic and bilateral relations, she said at present, the international community was fighting against the new coronavirus pandemic, and the risk of global economic recession was increasing day by day. In such a special period, convening of the two sessions of China was more significant.