Enemies aim to sabotage Sino-Pak ties: Chinese envoy

ISLAMABAD: “The enemies of China and Pakistan are trying hard to sabotage Sino-Pak relations but they will never succeed as both the governments and nations are well aware of theenemies’ evil plans” Chinese Envoy saidhere on Thursday. The western media is in full support of promoting the negative propaganda against Chinese government, they are targeting and appealing to the Pakistanis that somehow the Muslims in Xinjiang are mistreated but the truth is that the Muslims of Xinjiang are living happy and prosperous lives. “Per capita income in China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has grown from $70 in 1949 to $7000 in 2020,” Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing said.

Speaking at a New Year reception for the media and the think tank organized by the Chinese embassy here, Ambassador Yao said the Western media had created a bad impression about Xinjiang.”Xinjiang is a Muslim majority region and there is nothing true in the reports of suppressing Muslims in the region. Per capita income of Xinjiang has increased manifold from only $70 in 1949 to $7000 now, while the number of mosques has also increased from only around 2900 to 25000,” he asserted.

The Ambassador also pointed towards the countless delegations that have been to Xinjiang on the invitation of Chinese government, and they are the witness to the actual facts of Xinjiang. “As in 2019, eight delegations have been to Xinjiang where they visited the grand Mosque which the western media show to have been closed for religious activities,” he told the attendees. The Ambassador also asked the media persons and Think-Tank institutes that if you have any queries, check with your government or the Chinese Embassy before publishing. “If you receive news from western sources, it is your responsibility and professionally you are bound to double check, not just from your government but also from Chinese embassy,” he said The Ambassador said that 2020 was the year of renewed commitment from both Pakistan and China to negate common enemy’s propaganda by further strengthening mutual cooperation in areas beyond China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) including defense and international affairs.”In 2020, we are still facing challenges, these challenges are neither from China nor from Pakistan, but are from our common enemies who do not want to see good relationship between the two countries,” Yao said. He said the Western media was up against relationship between Pakistan and China especially against CPEC which was quite unjustified.”Our enemy does not want to enhance our capabilities on economic, defense and social fronts, it does not want to see our capability of maintaining peace and stability,” he added.The envoy informed that a number of Chinese agriculture companies were coming to Pakistan to purchase more value added agriculture products. He said last year China had completed 70 years of its creation, during that time it witnessed many ups and downs with the world, however, Pakistan remained the strongest, firmest and the best friend of China.”We also celebrated 70 years of high quality friendship with Pakistan,” he said, adding after launch of CPEC, the bilateral relationship entered a new era of cooperation.The Ambassador also recalled the West hijacking of other countries resources, while presented a strong case of China, that has also took the path of economic prosperity for all, and peaceful coexistence. “The west remains hijacking other countries resources and breaking the international laws but China remains committed to the International laws and continue economic development in peaceful manners,” said the Ambassador. Both China and Pakistan are working for regional peace and development and wishes prosperity for all humanity while avoiding the path of destruction. “Pakistan current move to mediate and ease the Middle East tensions deserve applauds, as the Foreign Ministry has paid visit to Iran and Saudi Arabia,” said the Ambassador. He also said the issue of Kashmir must be resolved in accordance with the United Nations Security Council’s resolutions.Ambassador Yao said China and Pakistan should also express determination to the common cause of regional peace and stability especially that of Afghanistan and the Middle East.On CPEC, he said the mega project had entered its second stage where social, industrial and agriculture sectors would be the areas of special focus. Further, he said that as per vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan to alleviate poverty, social sector was also area of priority under CPEC, and in the first stage, several villages of back ward areas of the country were being model of poverty alleviation. “This year the CPEC projects are put forward with stronger pace, as in Gawadar 200 bed hospital project is underway, vocational training center has been initiated, and  the project of water filtration is also under progress. This shows the benefits of Phase two of CPEC which are for the people”, he stated. He further said that a new area has come where science and technology could produce more high value added products in the country.The envoy pointed out that there was no slowing down of work under CPEC. He said impression of slowing down of CPEC was only because currently no mega project was under execution, however he said that there were a number of small projects that were being executed in Gwadar and other areas of Balochistan and the rest of the country. He said Main Line Railway project was a huge project and had big financial implication; therefore both countries had constituted a committee to find out a suitable financial module to fund the project. In concluding remarks, the Ambassador expressed satisfaction over the ongoing projects and wished Lunar New Year, saying that the New Year may bring more prosperity and development to the region and beyond.