‘Empowering Pakistani brothers makes my life meaningful’

BEIJING: Pakistani brothers could do maintenance work independently after our training, which gives us a sense of achievement,” said Li Keyuan, a Chinese technician who once braved the coronavirus risk to help Pakistan curb the pandemic.
Li works as a technical services manager at Sansure Biotech, a company devoted to the research and production of nucleic acid testing kits in Hunan province.
Amid the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic globally in 2020, at the invitation of Pakistani partners, Li, along with three colleagues, was sent to Pakistan in October to conduct technical training, help locals set up normalized laboratory for nucleic acid testing and enhance their capacity for testing and screening.
Li told China Economic Net (CEN), “On one hand, we provided special training to teach the end customers how to use the nucleic acid testing reagent, and how to operate, repair and maintain instruments.”
Li said that one Pakistani Person Ali, after receiving the team’s training, managed to repair two instruments for nucleic acid testing by himself.
“It makes my life meaningful. This sense of achievement also made me forget the hot weather and my tiredness,” he added.
He said, “On the other hand, we had to visit three to four hospitals a day to exchange with professionals about products and technologies, including the method to do mass screening and result analysis.
We also introduced Sansure solution, which was highly recognized by the professionals from hospitals, universities and laboratories. –Agencies