Emerging sectors drive new laws, amendments

BEIJING: Will the act of broadcasting movies or television programs via livestreams be considered an infringement of copyright protection law? Will ride-hailing drivers be compensated by online platforms if their rights are infringed by work-related injuries? How can personal information be protected in this era of big data?
These and a number of other related legal issues have sprung up as a result of the rapid development of emerging tech-based businesses in China. They have become a major part of advancing the rule of law and also brought new challenges for judicial professionals.
Li Zongsheng, a lawyer from Liaoning province, attaches great importance to these new issues.
“Problems concerning new fields — such as data security, cybersecurity, the platform economy, livestreaming, express delivery — are closely related to every resident and are inseparable from the nation’s sustainable growth,” he said.
Li, who is a deputy to the National People’s Congress, China’s top legislative body, added that it is essential to respond to public concerns via the rule of law.
“Only in this way can the new industries be regulated so as to further promote the healthy development of industry and improve people’s sense of security, fulfillment and happiness,” he said.
In October, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, delivered a report to the 20th National Congress of the CPC. He highlighted the significance of practicing law-based governance on all fronts and advancing the rule of law.
–The Daily Mail-China Daily news exchange item