Eleven Chinese nationals accused of human trafficking remanded into FIA custody

LAHORE: A sessions court remanded 11 Chinese nationals into the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) custody for two days. The Chinese nationals are accused of operating an illegal human trafficking ring.

During proceedings, two locals were also sent to jail on judicial remand till May 13.

The Chinese nationals maintained their innocence, telling the court they had come to Pakistan for business.

The 11 Chinese nationals were arrested by the FIA on Thursday from Lahore’s Johar Town. According to FIA, the suspects would approach marriage bureau agents who would take a commission from them and then have them married to Pakistani girls.

They were arrested in part of a crackdown by the FIA in several cities of Punjab in which several Chinese nationals accused of trapping Pakistani women into fake marriages have been arrested. 

The Chinese Embassy has denied media reports that Pakistan women were being forced into prostitution or sale of human organs.

“According to investigations by the Ministry of Public Security of China, there is no forced prostitution or sale of human organs for those Pakistani women who stay in China after marriage with Chinese,” the embassy said in a statement.

The statement added that a few criminals would not be allowed to undermine China’s friendship with Pakistan and hurt friendly feelings between people of the two countries.

FIA arrest Chinese, Pakistani couple from Islamabad 

The FIA arrested Chinese and Pakistani couples from the Islamabad Airport. 

According to the FIA, the arrested Chinese nationals appeared as married couples and were smuggling Pakistani girls to China. Two Chinese men and three Pakistani women were among those arrested.

The FIA further said the Chinese nationals were involved in organ trafficking.