Eight busted for smuggling drugs: ANF

By U.Zee

ISLAMABAD: Five men and three women were arrested on Monday for smuggling drugs in Pakistan, the Anti-Narcotics Force said. The arrested accused were members of two gangs; one operated internationally while the other smuggled drugs all across the country.
The first gang was arrested from Islamabad Motorway Interchange. The suspects were traveling from Peshawar to Islamabad and then planned to head towards Lahore and Faisalabad. The second gang, on the other hand, was involved in smuggling drugs to multiple parts of Punjab and was arrested from the Sialkot Motorway.
Moreover, ANF seized a total of 38kg of hash, 18kg of heroin and dozens of wine bottles from the suspects. The accused had hidden the drugs in multiple car pockets. An FIR has been registered and the police are conducting raids to arrest other members of the gang.