Efforts urged to aid rural families’ finances

BEIJING: Authorities have called for greater efforts to ensure the financial security of vulnerable rural families after many parts of China were hit by floods and other extreme weather events in recent months.
A circular released by the National Rural Revitalization Administration on Wednesday said local authorities can bypass some paperwork so that affected rural families can receive timely assistance and avoid sliding back into poverty “due to unforeseen circumstances”.
More monitoring is needed for “targeted groups” including those with low incomes, individuals experiencing a significant decline in income, and those burdened by increased expenses, the document said, adding that any factors hindering stable income growth for the impoverished should be identified and addressed. Employers in wealthier eastern regions were also encouraged to offer more jobs for rural workers at their operations in poorer western regions. In central and western regions, targeted vocational skills training initiatives will also be launched to improve the employment prospects of those who have just been lifted out of poverty, the circular said.
The document encouraged efforts to aid the purchase of agricultural products from impoverished regions. Organizations funded by public money should collaborate with e-commerce enterprises to support the expansion of farm produce sales, the circular said. –The Daily Mail-China Daily news exchange item