Teen pays friend Rs 20,000 to kill his own mother

Here’s an irreverent tale of revenge. A 46-year-old woman in Borivli was brutally stabbed by a friend of her 19-year-old son Dhairya, after the latter paid Rs 20,000 to the accused to kill his own mother. The condition of the victim, Meena Chheda, remains critical.
The incident occurred on Sunday around 10.30 pm at the Dharma Mali chawl number 13, near the BMC school in Borivli West. According to police sources, neighbors saw Meena lying in a pool of blood after they rushed to help her upon hearing her screams. Since the door was locked from within, they couldn’t get in. The neighbors immediately called the police, who caught Dhairya’s friend Jabraj Devid Nadar and took Meena to the Shatabdi hospital.
Killer friendship
Jabraj and Dhairya were close friends, thick enough to plan and attempt a murder.
Sunday night, Jabraj confessed to cops that Dhairya offered him Rs 50,000 to kill his own mother, from which he paid him Rs 20,000 in cash, said a police official. After committing the murder, they had planned to split Meena’s insurance policy worth Rs 2,40,000. Post Jabraj’s confession, Dhairya was caught on Monday.
Sources said Dhairya is a first year B.Com student. His father Deepak works at a clothing store, while mother Meena is a housewife. Meena was allegedly running a gambling club from her house, where women would come and gamble.
Rocky relationship
However, the mother and son had a rocky relationship. She supposedly curbed his freedom and did not fulfill all of his demands because he had gotten involved with bad company and started to gamble himself. He, meanwhile, had taken to drinking because he suspected her of having an extra-marital affair. They would constantly argue.
Dhairya would ask Meena for money everyday, and she did give it to him initially. However, she stopped after she got to know he was gambling. This angered Dhairya, and he planned to kill her.
Dhairya invited Jabraj home on Sunday while Meena was filling water in the kitchen. Holding a kitchen knife, Jabraj attacked her from behind and continually stabbed her throat, stomach and chest.
Speaking to mid-day, father Deepak said, “I was at work when my son called me. He just kept saying come to the hospital. When I reached, I saw that the police had already taken my son in their custody. I had to shift my wife to the Nair Hospital. Her condition is still critical.”
When asked about his son, Deepak said, “We are shocked but I don’t believe my son could have killed his mother. I am sure this is the other accused’s work. My son would never do it, because there was no reason for him to commit such an offence. He was given everything; he is mentally fit and we would give him R500 to R600 as pocket money.”
Police speak
An FIR has been registered at the Borivli police under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code and Mumbai Police Act. Both accused were produced in court yesterday and remanded in police custody till April 20, said police inspector Vasant Pingle.