Economy, stock market go hand in hand

ISLAMABAD: Inflation has had a significant impact on the global economy, including Pakistan’s, said Muhammad Hasnain, Assistant Finance Manager at the Millennium Brokerage Pvt Ltd, while talking to WealthPK in an exclusive interview.

Hasnain explained that the state of economy impacts the stock market as a whole.

WealthPK: How your firm may be impacted by its increased vulnerability to changes in the economic landscape as well as other external factors, and how you are handling them?
Muhammad Hasnain: The spectrum of economic, social, cultural, institutional, political, and psychological elements that influence people’s lives and the environments in which they live leads to vulnerability, which is the human aspect of catastrophes. Changes in exchange rates have a significant impact on the operations and profitability of firms in the current era of growing globalization and increased currency volatility. We, at the Millennium, try our best to meet the market demand and provide a valuable benefit to our clients.

WealthPK: Which distinguishing characteristic of certain businesses enables them to thrive when the market is low?

Muhammad Hasnain: A company’s exposure to risk could ultimately result in decreased sales and revenues, as well as financial losses. Every day, businesses encounter risks related to doing business in the sector or industry in which they operate. Although each element that hinders a corporation from operating efficiently or from accomplishing its financial objectives constitutes a business risk, it might be useful to classify them when creating a risk management strategy.

WealthPK: How does your company take initiative to sustain loyal clients?

Muhammad Hasnain: With the use of unique incentives, such as rewards and rebates, specialized services and offers, admission to exclusive events, and more, a loyalty program is a marketing strategy system the company keeps to sustain customers and increase their loyalty to the business.

WealthPK: What are the main macroeconomic factors affecting the stock market?

Muhammad Hasnain: The stock market is impacted by the state of economy as a whole. The companies may expand and boost earnings when they appear to be rising, which may lead to an increase in share values. When the economy is doing well, people spend more because they are more secure in their financial situation. The companies will find it tougher to grow and boost profits when the economy is weakening. The customers will choose to save money rather than spending it on non-essential items if they are also not particularly confident about the future. The investors may consider selling down equity positions or becoming choosier about the positions they take on if they believe the economic outlook to be negative.

About the company
The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) has Millennium Brokerage (PVT) Ltd. (MB) as a corporate member. They have been engaged in secondary market trading of shares listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange since 2006. People with an extensive and in-depth understanding of Pakistan’s stock market operations make up the company’s management. To provide their clients with the best execution possible, they use the best human resources that are supported by the cutting-edge computer technology. Additionally, they also provide online trading in commodities (such as gold, crude oil, etc.).