‘Earnest efforts being made to control inflation’

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on Youth Affairs Muhammad Usman Dar Monday said Prime Minister Imran Khan and his government were striving to control inflation in the country by making earnest efforts. In a video message, he said, the prime minister had categorically said in a recent tweet that the government would utilize all the resources at its disposal to bring down food prices.
He said the Prime Minster’s Corona Relief Tiger Force volunteers would be engaged to help the departments concerned in controlling the artificial price hike in the country. Usman Dar called upon the members of ‘tiger force’ to get ready for performing new tasks with same sense of responsibility, wisdom and honesty as displayed during the coronavirus pandemic.
He said the prime minister would assign new duties to the ‘tiger force’ such as identification of hoarding and inflation. The prime minister would give a complete road map in that regard on the forthcoming Saturday at the Convention Center, Islamabad, he added. Rejecting the opposition parties’ criticism on the tiger force members, he appreciated them for carrying out rescue and relief activities during the pandemic. He said the members of tiger force members, during the pandemic’s peak time, had made tremendous efforts to ensure implementation of the anti-coronavirus standard operating procedures (SOPs) such as social distancing and ‘No Mask No Service’ campaign at hospitals, utility stores, mosques and Ehsaas Emergency Cash Centers. Dar regretted that the opposition was targeting the volunteers, who had responsibly performed various tasks without any greed and monetary gains during the trying times.