E-bikes can help reduce pollution, boost economy

ISLAMABAD: The use of electric bikes will not only help in reducing pollution in the country but will also have a positive impact on the overall economy of Pakistan, according to a manufacturer of the electric-powered bikes.
He said that rising oil prices and inflation necessitate the transition from conventional fuel-powered bikes to cost-effective and eco-friendly electric bikes. Globally, electric bikes have taken off and are becoming the best form of motorised transportation.
Sohail Awan, the regional sales manager of Jolta Electric, a leading bike manufacturing firm, told WealthPK that the nation needs to normalise its behaviour owing to the current grave economic crisis.
“It is financially advantageous to use electric bikes instead of conventional bicycles. It will have a favourable effect on the national economy,” he said. More and more electric bikes are being sold in small and big cities around the world. Electric bikes are becoming a preferred means of transportation in a lot of urban environments.
“Using e-bikes can mitigate the adverse socio-economic impacts of an increase in the number of polluting motorbikes on the environment,” said Sohail Awan. These eco-friendly electric bikes will not only reduce carbon emissions but will also save fuel. With no need for routine engine maintenance and no fuel costs, riding an e-bike is significantly less expensive per mile, making it more comfortable.
The batteries of e-bikes can be charged anywhere and anytime, even at home. Chargers are fitted inside the fuel tank of the e-bike for ease of charge.
“Many versions of batteries of the e-bikes have been introduced. They include lithium and dry batteries. A dry battery takes six to seven hours to charge fully and gives a mileage of 70 to 80 kilometres. The lithium battery takes three to four hours to fully charge and gives a better mileage of almost 90 kilometres,” Sohail Awan told WealthPK.
In comparison to the least expensive vehicle used by most people, adopting an e-bike for everyday commuting will save a lot of money. A person, who chooses e-bikes over other modes of transportation, can save almost Rs120,000 a year.
An electric bike can be ridden for 70 to 80 kilometres by consuming energy worth Rs50 only as compared to a normal bike that requires Rs300 of fuel to cover the same distance.
In this regard, a national energy conservation plan was also approved by the federal cabinet, introducing certain measures to ensure the judicious use of national resources.
The Ministry of Industries and Production has developed a plan to initially produce at least 100,000 e-bikes in 18 months as part of an initiative to reduce carbon emissions and conserve energy. It has also proposed a subsidy of Rs17.5 billion to encourage the purchase of relatively more expensive bikes, according to the information gathered by WealthPK.
The minister has also called for the media to play its role in promoting energy conservation by launching awareness campaigns.