Dwellers of Panah Gahas sensitized on precautions of Coronavirus

By Minahil Makhdoom

ISLAMABAD: The present government has designated mobile teams to educate the dwellers and visitors of all the seven ‘Panah Gahas’ (shelter homes) of Rawalpindi and Islamabad through practical demonstration of the precautionary measures needed to adopt for their safeguard in the looming threat of Coronavirus.
The teams have visited the shelter homes to educate the dwellers about keeping distance, mask wearing, maintaining personal hygiene and use of soap and sanitizers practically to make them embrace these precautionary measures quickly, Prime Minister’s Focal Person on Shelter Homes, Naseemur Rehman conveyed on Tu esday.
‘Our teams of volunteers have adopted the strategy of face to face communication with the dwellers or visitors of shelter homes to educate them about prevention of Coronavirus due to their low literacy and lack of access to electronic media’ , he said.
‘We have provided soaps, sanitizers and face masks to the dwellers of the shelter homes for ensuring safety of the dwellers along with educating them to keep at least a distance of three feet with each other, wash hands properly with soap, refrain from touching doors and their knobs unnecessarily’ , he said.
‘Around 1000 dwellers are staying in the seven Panah Gahas of the twin cities. We have provided thermo scanners to all the Panah Gahas to check the temperatures of the visitors and dwellers and those having unusual temperatures are sent to the hospital for tests in ambulance urgently’ , he said. The purpose of all these measures is to make them realize that the government is very much committed to protect the health of its citizens, the focal person said.