Drainage system upgradation must to help tame Monsoon floods

ISLAMABAD: The current outdated and inadequate drainage system is the main cause of floods in Pakistan due to which the high volumes of water during the heavy rains can’t be handled causing massive flooding,” said Muhammad Bilal Iqbal, a scientific officer at the National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC).
“The role of agriculture in the economic development of Pakistan cannot be denied. Pakistan is still characterized as an agricultural country; however, its agricultural sector is constantly under threat from natural disasters such as floods, which cause significant damage to crops and agricultural lands,” he said.
“Monsoon season in Pakistan is particularly problematic, as it brings a heavy rainfall that often results in flash floods, causing massive damage to crops, homes, and infrastructure,” said Bilal.
“According to a report, Sindh was the most affected province in 2022 floods. With each passing monsoon season, the province receives more rainwater with increased frequency and intensity, partly as a result of climate change. Vast tracts of agricultural land are still underwater. The crops have been washed away, homes destroyed and livestock killed,” the PARC scientist continued.
“The current drainage system is inadequate and outdated. Improving it would help reduce the damage caused by floods and prevent the loss of crops and agricultural lands.”
“One of the main problems with the drainage system in Pakistan is the lack of proper maintenance. The system is often not cleaned and maintained, leading to blockages and reduced efficiency. This results in the overflow of water, causing damage to nearby areas and structures. The government must prioritize the drainage system’s maintenance and cleaning to ensure its proper functioning,” Bilal said. –INP