Dr. Shaista Lodhi makes shocking revelations about Heena

By Huma Yasir

Chemical Heena is one of the best selling product of our market. It promises to give best results in less than 5 minutes. Public is busy in buying and consuming this product blindly without noticing its adverse effects on the skin.
There has been many cases when these chemicals Heenas caused serious burns on user’s hands. Dr. Shasita Lodhi being a doctor thought its obligatory to talk about how dangerous is the consumption of chemical Heena or Mehndi is.
According to Dr. Shaishta Lodhi extremely harmful chemicals are used in Heena or Mehndi that can cause some serious skin burns. She said that first degree burns are recoverable but if (god forbids) burns are of second or third degree the scars stays on your hand for life time. We hope that you guys will find this article helpful and will refrain from using chemical henna in future as well.