‘Download mobile Apps during Hajj’

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: The intending pilgrims have been asked to download five smart phone mobile applications (Apps) for ensuring hassle free Hajj 2020, said official of Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony.
He said the apps could prove very important as they contain documentaries on Hajj performance process and complete guidelines to facilitate the intending pilgrims.
The five android phone applications including ‘Mina Locator’; ‘Al Maqsad’; PakHajj Muavin; ‘Rehnumai-e-Hajj’; and ‘Pak Hajj Guide’ had worked satisfactorily last year’s Hajj. The mobile-phone applications could be downloaded for getting Hajj-related prayers and other important information about Hajj rituals.
Mina Locator App helps people locate their residence, Mina Maktab, train stations, the route to different camps, mosques, hospitals and all other important places in Mina with reference to the user’s current location.
AIMaqsad mobile application provides detailed 3D indoor navigation for Masjid Al Haram. The app is created to assist visitors in determining their location accurately inside the corridor of the Grand Mosque and guide their way anywhere they want to go during their stay.
PakHajj Muavin helps Hajj pilgrims to check their own details regarding their group’s information, buildings that they are staying in, travel information and other details about hajjis.