Doval, RAW, IB suffer huge set back as Chhota Rajan busted in Indonesia


  • The Daily Mail’s Report about Rajan presence in Australia stands confirmed
  • India confirms Rajan  arrest but not likely to extradite him back
  • In past, Rajan was arrested in Thailand but India refused to get him extradited

special-reportBy Makhdoom Babar

The right hand of Indian NSA Ajit Doval and the head of RAW’s Special Operations Division, Chhota Rajan has been arrested by Indonesian authorities, causing a huge set back to Doval, RAW and IB that use Rajan and his underworld gang jointly for multipurpose illegal operations.

The Daily in its special report on Dated: 23/09/2015 (Doval moves Chhota Rajan to Australia after over exposure in Vietnam), had revealed that Chhota Rajan was moved to Australia on the directives of country’s National Security Advisor and ultimate intelligence boss Ajit Kumar Doval somewhere in June/July this year. The said report of The Daily Mail had also disclosed that Rajan was suffering from kidneys related health problems and wanted to visit India for Ayurvedic treatment but was not allowed by Doval.

The reports that have now been confirmed by the Indian government, say that Chhota Rajan was arrested by Indonesian authorities on lead from Australian authorities as he was arrested upon arrival at Indonesia’s Bali Island upon arrival from Australia. These reports of the international media also confirm The Daily Mail’s report about Rajan having renal diseases.

Although the Indian government has welcomed the move as Rajan is wanted in hundreds of cases of heinous crimes including murders, attempts to murder, extortion, organized crimes, target killings etc, but due to his being a ‘Strategic Asset’ of both RAW and IB, there is no possibility that India would extradite him from Indonesia and to try him in local courts.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that reveal that Chhota Rajan and Rohit Verma got their retribution when the concerned Vilas Mane joined hands with Satish Jay who had taken over Anand Panday’s gang after the latter’s assassination. Rohit Verma alias D’Souza had established a front office under the cover of a fashionable jeweler shop in Bangkok to provide cover to his illegal operations. Rajan had also established a firm called ‘Daman Import Export Company’ under a fake name of Vijay Daman. The firm gave Rajan a pretext to frequently visit Thailand to monitor his operations in the country. On 15 September 2000, Mane, Jay and their associates attacked Verma’s apartment killing him and severely injuring his wife Sangeeta and Chhota Rajan’s cover and led to the disclosure of his true identity. The Thai police immediately contacted the Indian authorities at New Delhi through diplomatic channels. Thailand’s police offered to extradite Chhota Rajan to India despite the non-existence of extradition treaty between the two countries as by that time, at least 17 cases were registered including 10 for murder against Chhota Rajan in Maharashtra alone and over 100 cases of extortion and murder against Rohit Verma in India. It was Verma’s extortion calls, which helped his assassins, trace him through CLI. However, the Thailand authorities were surprised by the lukewarm response of the Indian authorities to get their hands on one of the most proclaimed offenders and one of their otherwise most wanted criminal of the country. At first the Indians announced the sending of a four-man police team to Bangkok to establish Chhota Rajan’s credentials. But the Indian Ministry of External Affairs stopped the team at the last moment. Owning to lack of persuasion of the case by the Indians, the Thailand authorities left Rajan off with a minor fine for entering the country under a false name and deported him. Contrary to the usual practice of deporting illegal foreigners to the country of their origin, the Thais deported Chhota Rajan to Vietnam at the special request of Indian government. The then Thai Immigration Police Chief Lt General Hemraj Theerarhai confirmed in an interview that “Rajan was released because the Indians did not want that the cases against him be pursued”.

As leaked diplomatic cables prove existence of deep links between Ajiot Doval and Chhota Rajan Gang (India’s NSA causing acute threat to regional, global peace), a similar episode is very much expected this time as well.