Doval moves Chhota Rajan to Australia after over exposure in Vietnam


  • RAW’s underworld mafia Don to run Doval drug cartel from Australia
  • Reports suggest that Rajan gang could use drug rackets to counter One Belt, One Road in Australia etc
  • Australian media sources confirm presence of Rajan and his cronies in Australia with dubious activities
  • Rajan wanted to visit India to see his old doctor for some kidney related health issue
  • Doval did not allow Rajan to be seen in India and instead gave him task in Australia

By Makhdoom Babar

(With inputs from Cathy Alderman in Sydney and Anjali Sharma in New Delhi)

The ‘Joint Product’ of Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB) and its Rsearch and Analysis Wing (RAW) and the right hand of India’s former IB Chief and current National Security Adiviso, Ajit Kumar Dova,  Rajendra Nikalje, widely known as Chhota Rajan in the underworld, is reported to have been moved to Australia from Vietnam, by the orders of Ajit Doval to organize and supervise a new drug cartel at Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra etc, reveal the investigations of The Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that Chhota Rajan, the head of RAW’s Special Operations Division that runs the underworld operations to generate funds for unauthorized operations of both the IB and RAW, was stationed in Vietnam after Modi government came to power in India and Ajit Doval, the creator and mentor of Rajan became India’s NSA, by virtue of which he is also the boss of all intelligence apparatuses of India. Doval tasked Rajan to reorganize the illicit drugs and weapons network across Vietnam. These investigations indicate that the primary objective of this move was to arm, train and fund the militants in the regions, especially those of Pakistan’s TTP and China’s ETIM and to use them to formulate a   permanent supply market of a new drug that Doval is reportedly bringing to the region from Latin America. These reports also indicate that Doval plans to generate funds for TTP, ETIM as well Daesh through these drug deals.

However, after the activities of  Rajan Ganag in Vietnam, reached the desks of international media and also to the Chinese authorities with Chinese Public Security Mister visiting Vietnam in March/April this year and urging the Vietnamese authorities politely to take serious notice of such activities, Doval directed Rajan to move to Australia and to establish his base over there.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that Chhota Rajan is suffering from some Kidney related health issues and is using the Indian Ayurvedic ( homeopathic) medicines from a particular Ayurvedic Doctor of Mumbai’s Shree Vishwanarayani Ayurvediya Chikitsalaya & Panchakarma Center  , he requested to visit India for the Ayovedic treatment to his illness from the same doctor. However Doval did not allow him and instead directed him to see some top Medical Practitioners in Australia instead and Doval did not want to take the risk of Rajan being seen in India by anyone, especially by Media.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that upon this, Rajan shifted to Sydney in or around June this year and started while on his, insistence, Doval arranged the trip of the doctor of the above mentioned Ayurvedic Clinic of Mumbai to Australia in August.

Rajan started reorganizing his already established underworld network across Australia that reaches up to South Africa as well but had a very strong resistance by some Mexican rivals in the market who had assumed a monopoly over the past few years. The investigations indicate that this rivalry transformed into mafia gang wars and a couple of such incidents have already alerted the local concerned authorities in Australia. Well placed official source at Canberra, on conditions of anonymity told The Daily Mail that they were aware of the presence of an Indian Underworld mafia gangster and his gang in Australia who also enjoys a sort of blessings from the Indian diplomatic Missions in Australia and has gone activated after no activity or very low profile movement for the past 5 to 7 years. They also confirmed the news about the confrontation between this Indian gang and some other gangsters from Latin America and Mexico. However, these sources refused to give the names of the suspected gangsters and their gangs but said that they were very closely monitoring their activities and are tightening noose around them to turn them in on the basis of solid evidences.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that presence of Chhota Rajan gang could not be purposed to enhance RAW, IB’s joint drug ventures under Doval’s command but it could also have something very serious to do with China mega project of One Belt and One Road of Australia is an important member with India, despite itself being amongst the member States, has been opposing it under the garb of very strongly criticizing and threatening the most important component of One Belt and One Road; the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).  It is to be seen that how much time do the Australian authorities take to arrest Rajan and his gang,  not merely due to running of drug rackets by him but also because of him and his gang being  a major potential threat to One Belt and One Road.