Don’t have property anywhere outside Pakistan, says Dar

LONDON: Former Finance Minister of Pakistan Ishaq Dar has rejected allegation levelled by Prime Minister Imran Khan’s advisor on accountability that he owns two flats in London.

Ishaq Dar said that the claim by Shahzad Akbar, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Accountability (Minister of State), he owns two flats in London is “utterly false, vindictive and part of the ongoing scripted campaign against me” and challenged him to publicly share details of the flats that he claims to have found.
Dar issued rebuttal in reaction to a joint press Conference of Shahzad Akbar and Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry in which Shahzad Akbar claimed: “We have found two more flats of Ishaq Dar in London which were not part of this case before. We have passed details of these flats to the NAB with a request to make it part of the reference (against Ishaq Dar). There are many benaamis in the NAB reference. These two flats are in the name of Ishaq Dar.”
The former Finance Minister said: “I categorically reject the lie of Shahzad Akbar that I own two flats in London. This claim is utterly false, vindictive, mala fide and part of the ongoing scripted campaign against me. I challenge Mr. Akbar to produce proof of ownership of these flats before public and share details of these properties without wasting time.”
Dar said that he doesn’t own any property outside of Pakistan.
“As a matter of fact I don’t own any property outside Pakistan, neither in London as claimed by Mr. Akbar nor in any other part of the world. Furthermore, I do not own any Benaami asset whatsoever in any part of the world.”
Dar claimed that the government minister lied to divert attention from the failure of government in dealing with the real issues.
“It is obvious that this false claim being made by Mr. Akbar is nothing more than a typical PTI trait of creating false stories and lies to divert attention of the public from their failures. Mr. Akbar’s blatant lie is no more than an attempt to justify his position in the role he has been entrusted with. Its an insult to Pakistani taxpayers that ministers sit on the state TV and shamelessly lie.”
Dar said in the statement that the PTI government will be using the NAB against him for further revenge.
“The claim by Mr. Akbar that he has found two flats in my name is nothing but continuation of a malicious propaganda against me and to try to somehow befool the public and continue with political victimization without any evidence or truth attached to it. His claim that he has passed details of the two alleged flats to the NAB means that the politicized NAB will be yet again used to run more fake stories and continue to target me on false grounds,” said Ishaq Dar.

Dar’s assets within Pakistan

House in Gulberg, Lahore
Three plots owned in Al-Falah Housing Society in Lahore by Dar, wife and son.
Dar’s wife owns a plot in Mauza Bhubtiam
Six acres of land owned in Mauza Milot, Islamabad by Dar and wife.
Two kanal plot in Islamabad’s Parliamentarian Enclave
Two kanal plot with Ayaz Builders (Pvt) Ltd.
Plots at Senate Cooperative Housing Society in Islamabad
Three Land Cruisers, two Mercedes Benz and one Corolla owned by Dar and wife.
Dar, wife have invested Rs3,453,060 in Hajveri Holding private limited
Dar has invested Rs2,700 in Sui Northern Gas Pipeline
NAB also informed the court that the former finance minister is a shareholder in three companies based in Dubai along with owning a Mercedes and three flats.