Disciplinary inspections key for Party governance

BEIJING: The Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee convened a meeting on Wednesday to deliberate a report on the first round of disciplinary inspections launched at the end of March by the 20th CPC Central Committee.
Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, presided over the meeting.
The meeting’s participants pointed out that the first round of disciplinary inspections had advanced political oversight in a “concrete, targeted and regular “manner, sending a clear signal that adhering to strict governance of the Party and the Party’s self-reform is an ongoing process. Practice has proven that disciplinary inspections are an effective means to identify and solve problems, and continued efforts should be made in this regard, they said. The disciplinary inspections involved leading Party organizations in 30 centrally administered State-owned enterprises, five major financial agencies and the General Administration of Sport of China.
Between Sept 20 and 22, a total of 15 central inspection teams delivered their feedback and specified problems involving the inspected organizations. The problems include shortcomings in ensuring coordination between development and security, self-governance of the Party and the Party’s frugality rules.
The meeting’s participants urged the inspected Party organizations, especially the leading officials, to shoulder their responsibilities and take strict and concrete measures to rectify problems.
They also urged the inspected Party organizations to strengthen the Party’s overall leadership, continuously enhance the core functions and competitiveness of the SOEs, consolidate the material and political foundations of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and increase financial enterprises’ support for the real economy and national strategies in order to promote high-quality development. –The Daily Mail-China Daily News exchange item