Diplomacy is the best of weapons

Prime Minister Imran Khan poured out his heart on issues like Islamophobia, blasphemy, climate change and the imminent possibility of a bloodbath in Kashmir. Democracy needs further reforms so that freedom of speech does not become an excuse to injure the feelings of millions. Similarly, there is also a dire need to attend to the issue of climate change to save mankind.
The PM was spot on regarding the BJP’s Hindu supremacist thinking, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi as its major champion. The speeches delivered by the BJP leadership, especially Indian Interior Minister Amit Shah have set into motion tendencies like communal hatred, intolerance and negation of the multiplicity of religious, linguistic, ethnic and cultural identities. Prime Minister Imran Khan is also right when he claims that his Indian counterpart refused to respond to his gestures of goodwill, considering these a sign of weakness. His impassioned but well-argued exposition of the Kashmiris’ current plight and what lies in store for them if the international community remains irresponsive is also worth noting.
What worries one however is Mr Khan’s premonition of a nuclear war between India and Pakistan. To mention it repetitively creates a perception that the government is short on diplomacy. While one would condemn Indian COAS Gen Bipin Rawat for claiming to possess the capacity to occupy AJK, a better answer to rabid statements of the sort would be to expose the Indian leadership’s bellicosity rather than fall victim to the tendency.
Many will share the view that if a community is subjected to inhuman treatment it is forced to take up arms. The PM however needs to realise that he is no longer living in the middle of the 20th century when nations resorting to armed struggle to overthrow colonial rule were idealised and there was a widespread acceptance of militancy on the part of subjugated nations seeking self-determination. As things stand those running the show at the UN today consider armed actions for any cause acts of terrorism.
The PM would have been wiser if he had gone through Ms Alice Wells’ statement admonishing both India and Pakistan on Kashmir before his address at the UNGA. This would have shown him that the world is wary of inconsistency in policies.