Dialogue can only be held with politicians, Sanaullah tells Khan

FAISALABAD: Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah lambasted on Sunday Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan, saying that dialogue could only be held with the politicians.

Addressing a rally in Faisalabad, Mr Sanaullah took a swipe at Mr Khan, saying, “Now Imran Khan is talk-ing about negotiation. What should be negotiated with Imran. He did not even openly condemn the events that transpired on May 9. The young voters who voted for Imran Khan had made a huge mis-take”.

“Now Imran is plotting that somehow an incident will happen. He planned, and the PTI members were discussing whether to attack the house of a well-known PTI worker or kill one or two people, and then lay blame on us.”

“They also said and planned to somehow make people emotional by doing a ‘rape drama’. One of our intelligence agencies stopped it and told me at midnight that it was going to happen. I said I would ex-plain it by holding a press conference, but they said, Rana Sahib, no one knows this man, maybe he will do something tonight. Therefore, the nation should be told right here and now”.
Mentioning about Indian spy Kulbhushan Sudhir Yadav, Mr Sanaullah said, “Those who attacked the military installations were as guilty as Indian spy Kulbhushan Sudhir Jadhav,”

“The Corps Commander’s House in Lahore contains many sensitive materials and valuable infor-mation,” Mr Sanaullah maintained.
Earlier in the day, Mr Khan slammed Mr Sanaullah for “trying to terrorise the nation by revealing a sham plot against women to cover up horror sto-ries about to break in the media.”

In his tweet, the deposed prime minister uploaded a clip from the press conference of Sanaullah in which he talked about intercepting a phone call. The conversation was about an alleged plot to stage rape and blame law enforcement officials for the heinous crime to get global backing for human rights violation.

If there were any doubts about women being mistreated in jails, this press conference from this certi-fied criminal should remove all such doubts.

He is so obviously trying to cover up and preempt the horror stories about to break in the media. Imran further wrote in his tweet that “if there were any doubts about women being mistreated in jails, this press conference from this certified criminal should removed all such doubts. He is so obviously trying to cover up and preempt the horror stories about to break in the media”.

“Women have never been so mistreated and harassed by the state as they have been by this fascist govt when they were exercising their right to pro-test peacefully,” the PTI chief further said in his tweet.

It may be recalled that the law enforcers’ “gross misbehavior” with the women family members of PTI leaders has been reported by the media. In one instance, the police raided the house of Usman Dar and mistreated his mother. Police also beat up and dragged women protesters on several occa-sions.

Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan claimed in a press conference at around midnight on Saturday that the PTI plotted to highlight human rights violations in Pakistan at the global scale by staging a simu-lated raid at a party worker’s house, involving a rape and casualties caused by gunfire.

The minister said that intelligence agencies intercepted a call in which a conspiracy was being hatched to kill some PTI worker during a staged raid.

The second part of the plot was to commit a rape, he said and added that the plan was to be imple-mented tonight.

He said the people involved in the conversation were being monitored.

The minister argued that the purpose of his “midnight televised address is to promptly alert the nation about the malicious intentions of the plotters.”

Sanaullah reiterated government’s resolve to bring those responsible for the events on May 9 to jus-tice.

Meanwhile, Imran also condemned raids on the houses of PTI leaders Omar Ayub and Shahzad Akbar late on Saturday night.

In another tweet, he said: “There were raids at night on Omar Ayub and Shahzad Akbar’s (he’s not even in the country) houses. Today we are living in dark ages..Constitution violated, court decisions openly flouted, houses broken in without warrant and smashed, media muzzled and no one to protect our fundamental rights.” –Agencies