DG ISPR says Asia Bibi’s case a legal matter, unfortunate army is dragged into every matter

ISLAMABAD: Director General Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Asif Ghafoor said that the Asia Bibi case is a legal matter and it is unfortunate that the military is dragged into every issue.

During an interview to the state TV channel, the DG ISPR commented on the case of Bibi, a Christian woman who had been sentenced to death on blasphemy charges, and said, “Bibi’s case was being heard in courts for the past 10 years.”
“It is a legal matter and it will be better if the law is allowed to run its course on the matter,” Major General Ghafoor added.
The DG ISPR further said, “Religious parties staged protests against the Supreme Court’s verdict.” He added, “Dragging the army into every matter is unfortunate.”
“All Muslims love the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and there can be no compromise on that,” he asserted. “Islam teaches us peace, forgiveness and love,” the DG ISPR added.
Further, Major General Ghafoor said, “The Pakistan Army is working on eliminating terrorism from the country.”
“Peace will be maintained across the country.”

The DG ISPR continued, “We should not drift away from what Islam teaches us nor the law.” He added, “We want the situation to be resolved in a peaceful manner.”

He further said, “In accordance with the law and Constitution, people should refrain from statements against the army.”

“We are close to winning the war against terrorism and our attention should not be diverted,” Major General Ghafoor continued.

The DG ISPR stressed that the matter should not be pushed to the level where the army is given the responsibility to tackle the situation. “We are tolerating remarks against us but action can be taken according to the law and Constitution. Don’t force us into taking an action,” he added.

The Supreme Court on October 31 acquitted Asia Bibi, a Christian woman sentenced to death over blasphemy allegations. Bibi was cleared of all blasphemy charges and the apex court had ordered her immediate release.