Despite police officers' confession, Survivor doesn't match, PFSA says DNA of suspects

RAWALPINDI: The Punjab Forensic Science Agency (PFSA) said Sunday the DNA of the survivor of a gang-rape case and the sexual assaulters did not match despite the perpetrators having confessed to the crime earlier.

Among the four suspects named in the first information report (FIR) registered by the survivor, three were police officers. It is noteworthy that the suspects previously confessed to the gang-rape.

The PFSA, consequently, has requested the survivor to provide more samples of both the clothes she was wearing at the time of the sexual assault and that of her own bite marks — often used for tests in cases of violent rape — for further investigation into the crime.

The samples taken from the survivor’s body were earlier sent to the PFSA in Lahore and the four suspects also brought in to the agency later to have their DNA checked.

According to official, the DNA samples from the suspects were compared and they did not match.

A young woman had earlier accused three police officers and one civilian of gang-rape that took place in a private housing society at 2AM — around sehri time — as per the FIR filed two days after the alleged attack.

In her statement to the magistrate, she had said three police officers were among the four sexual predators.

On the other hand, a lady doctor has released a medical report complete with her comments on it. In it, the doctor says the woman explained that she was a divorcee, did not bring the clothes she was wearing at the time of the sexual assault, and had said she had washed them.

The lady doctor further wrote that there were three scratches on the survivor’s body as well as bite marks on her left arm. The rape did in fact take place in her opinion, the doctor added.

The forensic agency’s request for more samples includes the woman’s washed clothes.

Police stands with survivor, says SP

On the other hand, Mazhar Iqbal, the superintendent of police (SP) for Saddar Rawalpindi, also commented on the matter. He said all three police officers had been fired over the gang-rape case.

Speaking in Rawalpindi, Iqbal added that while the girl had rescinded her statement from the court of her own will, the police stood with her. He said they had not yet received a DNA report of the young woman.

“Police does not have any space for ‘black sheep’,” he said, adding that police have made true on all legal duties they were bound to, arrested the four suspects, and all of them were behind the bars.

When the DNA report is released, the officer noted, they will share with the media.