DC Faisalabad inspects SOPs in markets


From Menahill Rashid

FAISALABAD: Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Ali reached at Ghulam Muhammadabad, Chenab Chowk, Jhang Road and other places to check the implementation of Lockdown/Corona SOPs and ordered the registration of cases against the violators.
He also referred several persons without face masks traveling in their cars and motorcycles on the highways handed over to the police. He said that, get sure to use face mask while going out.
Talking to media persons, Deputy Commissioner said that in view of the situation of Corona, the lockdown in the district would continue till May 16. He said that safeguarding the lives of the people was the first and foremost duty on priority always.
People Will have to coordinate & cooperate with the administration to control over Coronavirus Pandemic. This is the Societal issue, where everyone has certain Societal liabilities to fulfill accompanying with the administration.
He further said that wearing a mask while going out is mandatory for every citizen and following government guidelines would help in curbing the spread of the epidemic. He once again appealed to the citizens through the media to follow the Corona SOPs and save their lives.
Neglecting persons with violations of the SOPs will be dealt with according to the law. He said that in the last days of Ramadan, citizens need to be very careful during holidays and Eid holidays and it is in the entire public interest to implement government measures.
He asked the shopkeepers to refrain from violating the lockdown so that legal action would not be taken against them.
He further informed that 129 shopping malls sealed and 155 people were arrest Sunday and fine of Rs. 73,000 was imposed. In the last 56 days, 1802 shopping malls and plazas, restaurants, wedding halls, private schools, offices and bus stands were sealed and fined Rs. 2.8 million.
In addition to sealing a bus stand, four grocery shops and closing 120 passenger vehicles, 541 people have been arrested for roaming the streets and public places without face masks.