Daxing airport marks first anniversary

BEIJING: The Beijing Daxing International Airport marked one year of operation on Friday.
High standards and innovation have helped the airport maintain smooth operation over the past year.
This week, the airport’s total passenger throughput exceeded the 10 million mark. It currently operates 187 domestic air routes, connecting 129 airports across the country. By Monday, it had seen 84,000 takeoffs and landings, with a cargo and mail throughput of about 39,000 tonnes. The Daxing airport has seen flights increasing, with airlines transferring operations from the Beijing Capital International Airport. China Southern Airlines has transferred 80 percent of its flights in Beijing to the Daxing airport. It is estimated the company will operate more than 200 planes at Daxing airport by 2025, and that it will have welcomed a total of 28.8 million passengers by then.
– The Daily Mail-Global Times News exchange item