Data development

BEIJING: A document jointly released by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on December 19, 2022, details 20 key measures to build basic systems for data management and better utilize data resources.
As the foundation for digitization, networking and intelligent operations, data is an increasingly vital resource for both business and government. Production, distribution, circulation, consumption and social service management now all depend on big data, which is transforming the economy, society and governance. The volume of China’s data and the ways it is being used are increasing rapidly, so the construction of basic systems for data management is becoming increasingly important for the country’s security and overall development.
Under construction are systems managing data for property rights, circulation and trading, income distribution and governance.
Specifically, the establishment of a data property rights system will protect rights and ensure rules-compliant use of data. China is to set up a comprehensive and efficient circulation and trading system for data factors and a data factors market system fitting China’s institutional advantages. Efforts need to be made to set up an efficient and fair data factor income distribution system, so that the creators of data value will benefit most, with public interests and vulnerable groups also able to enjoy the fruits. There will be a safe, controllable and flexible system for governance data management that is based on collaboration between the government, businesses and society.
–The Daily Mail-Beijing Review news excahnge item