Dastaan Apparel introduces collection inspired from Halime Sultan


By Minahil Makhdoom

The Turkish historical TV drama Dirilis Ertugrul has been all the rage in Pakistan since the state broadcaster began airing a dubbed version in April. This is not the first Turkish drama to have become popular in Pakistan, but what is different about Ertugrul, often described as the Muslim Game of Thrones is that it’s being promoted by Prime Minister Imran Khan, for reasons thought to be both personal and political.
If there’s one star in Pakistan whose popularity currently rivals that of Mahira Khan, it has to be Esra Bilgic, better known by her screen name Halime Sultan from the Turkish TV series Dirili: Ertugrul. She got a lot of fan following in Pakistan. Today, Esra Bilgic is a part of major ad campaigns in Pakistan.
Recently a Pakistani brand “Dastaan” launched their collection inspired from Halime sultan featuring Hina Afridi. Pakistani fans are inspired by the exquisite representation of Halime Sultan in Ertugrul. So the Pakistani Brand Dastaan decided to introduce the collection inspied by Halime’s dressing.